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Case Management Agencies


Tonia Hutchinson, Program Manager
941-371-4799 x141
DeSoto, Manatee, and Sarasota Counties



Nyla Williams
Program Manager
Manatee County


Foster Parent Licensing Partners

In the tri-county area of Sarasota, Manatee and DeSoto counties, there are several agencies that license foster parents. These agencies serve a specific demographic of children or families.

Safe Children Coalition  As the lead agency, Safe Children Coalition provides oversight and leadership for the entire foster care project as well as licensing of traditional foster homes. We welcome diverse families including singles & we have no faith requirement. Families can work outside of the home with daycare assistance provided. Our professional staff will guide you through the entire process from inquiry, to training and licensing. We highly value our foster families and provide many supports to ensure their success. Our homes foster infants, children and teens ages 0-17 according to the wishes of the foster family. We can license families for 1 child or more, including sibling groups.     

Phone: 866-661-5656    


Kinship Navigation Program

Kinship Intake Line: 888-920-8761

Covenant Kids Manor has been serving families since 2001.We specialize in meeting the unique needs of sibling groups and teenagers in foster care. Families who wish to foster siblings or teens will find that our agency ensures that each foster child receives all the necessary services needed to thrive while in care. We create a nurturing and healing home environment while the foster child's family, case manager and other community partners help work towards the permanency goals of the child. Because Covenant foster homes typically serve 4 or 5 children, it is necessary for at least one parent to be a stay at home caregiver.

Phone: 1-844-564-5437

Florida Baptist Children’s Homes (FBCH) offers foster families Christ-centered encouragement and critical support every step of the way. FBCH offers two fostering options, including caring for children in your own home or in a FBCH sponsored home. The FBCH sponsored home is large enough to welcome larger numbers of children. Through this innovative foster ministry, sibling groups stay together in multi-room, fully furnished homes.      


Phone: 1-855-51-CHILD (855-512-4453) or (941) 357-7970

Medical Foster Care (MFC) is a program that provides homes for children with special medical needs that are in the foster system. Medical foster parents are specially trained on the care needs of each child that comes in to their home. No need for a medical background!  MFC parents have the support of an RN 24/7, a Social Worker and a Medical Director (Pediatrician). Because at least one parent stays at home to care for the children, a MFC parent receives a higher monthly stipend based on the care needs of the child.

Phone: Christine Earl 941-371-4799 X142


National Youth Advocate Program a non-profit foster home management organization has been serving children and families since 1978.  We are an ‘enhanced’ foster care agency, serving children with minor medical issues, emotional or behavior issues, LGBTQ teens, pregnant and parenting teens, children who have been sexually abused and children with substance abuse issues.  We have an ‘in-house’ Therapist who will visit the foster home weekly to provide therapy to the children, as well as a Treatment Coordinator, who also goes to the home to support the foster parent and act as a liaison between the foster parent and case management.  NYAP is a supportive and progressive agency to help foster children and foster parents!         


Phone: (954) 298-3328 Cell or (877) 692-7226 Toll Free 24 Hour Hotline

Camelot Community Care has been serving children and families since 1972. We provide therapeutic foster care for youth in foster care with severe mental, emotional, or behavioral health needs. In addition to traditional training, Camelot provides specialized training regarding medications and appropriate therapeutic interventions for our therapeutic children. Our in-home counselors see each child on their caseload at least once a week for one hour at the child’s home. They are also required to spend one hour per month in the community with the child.  During the therapy session, the in-home counselor works directly with the child on specific behavioral goals as they relate to the child’s treatment plan.  Additionally, an in-home counselor is also on call 24/7 for clinical support in a crisis.    

Phone: (941) 254-4900

Kinship Services, Inc. provides Therapeutic Foster Care services to children and adolescents who are identified to be in need of intense therapeutic intervention. Placement in therapeutic foster care helps the child to learn to live in a healthy family environment. Therapeutic foster parents are specially trained to handle severe behavioral outbursts and trauma, while helping the children process the emotional separation from their loved ones. Therapeutic foster children receive in-home therapeutic services on an ongoing basis and psychiatric services as needed.  Each child’s treatment team develops specific behavioral goals for the child.      

Phone: (941) 748-2697