Rilya Wilson Act 12-9-16

Rilya Wilson Act

Rilya Shenise Wilson

DOB: September 29, 1996

Endangered/Missing January 18, 2001

The Rilya Wilson Act was passed by the Florida Legislature on July 16, 2003 to add a layer of protection for Florida children who are in the custody of the State.  The Act requires that CBC providers communicate and share information with local School Readiness Coalitions and licensed early education or child care providers (Licensed Childcare) and provides priority childcare for children ages birth to the age of school entry. The Act requires that these children attend 5 days a week unless exempted by the Court.

Case Manager (CM) Notification Requirements:

CBC must notify the operator of the Licensed Childcare program whenever a child who is subject to this Act is enrolled in the program.  The childcare program must be advised of attendance reporting requirements per 39.604 F.S.

Licensed Childcare Monitoring and Reporting Attendance Requirements:

According to s. 39.604 F.S. providers of early education or childcare programs must notify the CM following EACH “unexcused absence” and/or SEVEN CONSECUTIVE “excused” absences for the child.  These absences must be reported by the end of the business day following the absence.

Caregiver Reporting Requirements:

The parent or caregiver must report the absence of the child to the early education or childcare program on the day of the absence for it to be “excused”.  The absence is considered “unexcused” if the parent or caregiver fails to report the absence timely.

Case Manager Visit Requirements:

Following either 2 CONSECUTIVE UNEXCUSED or 7 CONSECUTIVE EXCUSED absences the CM must visit the child’s home within 1 business day to determine if the child is missing.  If the child is determined to be missing proper law enforcement and missing children protocols must be followed.

Early Education or Childcare Withdrawal or Reducing Attendance Requirements:

CBC must provide written approval prior to the child being withdrawn from the early education or childcare program.  The CBC Supervisor must agree with the approval and the Court must approve an amended Case Plan or issue an Order recognizing the reduction of attendance days or ceasing attendance.

Case Plans and Judicial Reviews:

The safety plan or case plan must reflect the required child care attendance. If the court grants an exemption in child care, that must also be reflected in the safety plan or case plan.   If the parent or caregiver is not complying with the Rilya Wilson Act the CM must ensure it is documented.  After the 2nd violation the CM must notify the Court of the violations.