WATCH Nurse Case Management

Nurse Case Management:

  • WATCH provides RN case management for all children in judicial out-of-home care (licensed foster care, relatives & non-relatives) sheltered from Sarasota, Manatee & Desoto Counties.
  • Upon notification of removal, the RN verifies that a 72hour well exam has been scheduled and completed; the RN will assist with coordination when applicable.
  • For children >3yrs, RN will check for recent Medicaid dental claims & document in FSFN (upon enrollment only).
  • RN will track and document vaccine compliance in FSFN; a copy of the child’s updated FL Shots record will be printed and sent to Records Room to be scanned into ASK.
  • RN will track and document well exam compliance in FSFN (per AAP guidelines); records will be requested and sent to Records Room to be scanned into ASK.
  • Upon review of medical records, the WATCH RN will follow-up on all medical recommendations
  • Upon confirmation of medical follow-up, the WATCH RN will request and review records; medical history will be documented in FSFN and the medical records will be sent to ASK
  • RN will help facilitate a Children Medical Services (CMS) referral for children that may be clinically eligible.
  • RN will review CBHA reports and follow-up on any medical recommendations.
  • RN will call caregiver at closure (reunification, adoption, permanent guardianship, transfer to independent living) to assist with any applicable transition needs.

Key Relationships/Key Functions

  • WATCH acts as a key medical resource for the caregiver and the case management staff.
  • The WATCH RN helps to meet the 72hour EPSDT requirement by

-                           working with the caregiver to identify and establish funding (Medicaid in                                     most cases),

-                           helping to identify the existing Primary Care Physician (PCP),

-                           helping to liaison with the PCP’s office if there is a lack of current funding or                                 if the child has been seen by the PCP recently,

-                           helping to arrange for transportation as needed,

-                           researching FLMMIS for past medical claims (including medications), and

-                           forwarding medical information to PCP if available.

  • The WATCH RN documents ALL medical follow-up in FSFN (from time of removal to the child’s closure to WATCH).
  • The WATCH RN identifies clinical eligibility for CMS and makes referrals as needed.
  • The WATCH RN will forward any mental health/dental information to the case manager.
  • If the child is an existing CMS patient, the WATCH RN supervisor will act as a liaison between the CMS RN case manager and the Coalition case worker.

Please remember:

·        Notify the WATCH RN of ALL upcoming medical appointments (FSFN will be updated after the appointment is attended; records will be requested).

·        Give all incoming medical records for children in out-of-home care to the WATCH RN; FSFN will be updated and records will be sent to ASK.