Home Study UHS - Relative/Non-Relative

Case management will select Planned Placement home study type for all Unified Home Studies (UHS) completed in FSFN including relative/non-relative home studies.

The child welfare professional will complete a relative/non-relative home study in the following situations:

Ø  Within 45 calendar days of the case transfer of an Emergency Placement home study for a relative/non-relative. The child welfare professional responsible may use the copy feature in FSFN to add and edit as necessary to the emergency placement information.

Ø  Prior to any new planned child placement with a relative/non-relative.

Ø  To update the home study when:

§  There are changes in the composition of the household. This includes placement of additional children.

§  The household location changes.

§  There is a change observed by the case manager in the physical environment that is a significant safety concern.

§  There are significant changes or circumstances that affect the ability of the caregivers to care for or protect the children.

§  To re-screen household members every 12 months.

The child welfare professional will conduct interviews with the caregiver(s), the child(ren) and other persons as necessary to complete and/or update the information.

The child welfare professional must advise the caregiver(s) of specific available supports and resources and their rights and responsibilities including:

Ø  Relative caregiver information

Ø  Non-relative caregiver information

The child welfare professional will document their assessment of all information gathered and the discussion of specific supports/resources available to the caregiver(s) on the FSFN UHS page.

The child welfare professional will launch and print the completed UHS in FSFN to obtain signatures from the caregiver(s) upon review of information documented.

The child welfare professional will determine the recommended outcome of the home study and submit it to his/her supervisor for final approval.

The supervisor will review and then give final approval or denial of the home study.

If the proposed caregiver is not selected, they will be verbally advised by the child welfare professional within 3 business days of supervisor’s decision.  Regardless of supervisor’s decision, a copy of signed home study must be provided to caregiver within 5 business days.

CLS and Judicial Requirements:

           ·          The signature page with all signatures (caregivers, case manager, supervisor) must be uploaded to the UHS page in FSFN.  The child welfare professional will submit a copy of the signed home study with the attachments to CLS to file with the court.  CLS will also be provided a copy of any criminal records obtained.

           ·          The UHS must be provided to CLS in conjunction with any request for placement with the relative/non-relative.

           ·          If not for an emergency hearing, UHS must be provided to CLS for review and filing with the court five (5) business days prior to hearing.

           ·          A current home study must be submitted to the court when a child will be remaining with a relative/non-relative at the time of the disposition hearing.