Incident Reporting

All employees of Safe Children Coalition Agencies and contracted vendors are to comply with CBC Policy 100.005a – Incident Reporting, for incidents involving CBC employees and clients.  The incident report does not replace existing abuse, neglect and/or exploitation reporting requirements through the Florida Abuse hotline at 1-800-96ABUSE (1-800-962-2873).  Incident Reports must be submitted within 1 business day of gaining knowledge of the event.  Information can be updated in a subsequent report if additional information is obtained.  Case Managers are responsible for entering a FSFN note documenting the completion of the incident report, details of the incident, notifications and needed follow up within 2 business days of incident report.

Reportable Incidents:

·         Altercation/Fight/Disruptive Behavior – A physical confrontation occurring between a client under supervision and another individual, resulting in one or more clients or employees receiving medical attention by a licensed health care professional.

·         Runaway/ Elopement – The unauthorized absence beyond 4 hours for a child under supervision.

·         Theft/Vandalism/Damage – The loss of property due to damage that is significant and non-accidental.

·         *Client Injury or Illness – A serious illness of a client that is determined to be life threatening by a licensed health care professional or is the result of apparent abuse and/or neglect or a serious medical condition of a client requiring medical treatment by a licensed health care professional (i.e. surgery, stitches, dog bite, hospitalization).

·         Disease Epidemic – Any occurrence of disease that fits the definition of "outbreak" or other health occurrence likely to result in a high level of public interest (this includes environmental threats, as well as actual disease).

·         *Client Death – A person whose life ends who is under supervision (adult or child).

·         *Suicide Attempt – The physical attempt by a client under supervision to cause his or her own death, which results in serious bodily injury requiring medical treatment by a physician.

·         Suicide Threat /Self Injury - The self injurious behavior by a client under supervision to cause harm to his or her own person, which results in superficial bodily injury which may not require medical attention or the verbal threat to cause harm to self.

·         Criminal Activity – Criminal conduct perpetrated by an employee or client which results in an arrest.  With regard to employees, criminal activity is reportable when it occurs while on CBC property or while the employee is representing CBC, which results in an arrest. (ie falsifying records)

·         Child on Child Sexual Battery - Sexual battery by a client on a client or child-on-child alleged incident and ALSO requires a report to the Florida Abuse Hotline.

·         Sexual Assault or Battery – A sexual assault or battery on a client under supervision as evidenced by allegations being made or criminal charges being filed against the perpetrator.

·         Abuse/Neglect/Abandonment/Threat of Harm - Allegations that justify and ALSO requires a report to the Florida Abuse Hotline for an open case. This includes allegations made regarding abuse/neglect/threat of harm, both current and past.

·         *Media Coverage or Potential Media Attention – Any event generating or likely to generate media attention or the threat of media involvement or social media.

·         Other Event – An unusual occurrence or circumstance out of the ordinary such as a tornado, kidnapping, riot, hostage situation, bomb threat or other situation that jeopardizes the health, safety and welfare of clients.

*Critical incidents that must also be reported to DCF no later than 4 hours from discovery.

Steps for Completing an Incident Report:

Incidents should be reported to the agency supervisor immediately upon receiving information.  The incident shall be reviewed with Supervisor and recommendations to ensure child safety shall be discussed with case manager.  The employee shall follow through on all recommendations immediately.

The Incident Report (IR) Form shall be completed electronically the same day as notification or within 24 hours of notification of the incident.  This process may NOT be delayed because the Supervisor is unavailable.

The IR Form should be filled out completely with as much detail regarding the incident as possible. Make sure you indicate the county from which the child is cased, as well as defining relationship (relative care, foster care, vps, etc.)  When incident involves parent or caregiver, make sure child’s name is included in report as that is how IRs are filed, by the child’s name. 

The IR Form should be password protected and saved in the following format: client’s first initial, last name, date of incident and county from which child is receiving services (example: k. steinman 08-07-06 Sarasota).

Copies of the IR Form are transmitted via email to the appropriate distribution list as detailed in the Incident Report Form.