Conditions for Return

 ü  The Conditions for Return describe what must exist or be different with respect to specific family circumstances, home environment, caregiver perception, behavior, capacity and/or safety service resources that would allow for reunification to occur with the use of an in-home safety plan.

ü  Impending danger threats do not have to be reduced or eradicated in order for children to be reunified with their families if an in-home safety plan can sufficiently control the threat.

ü  What is necessary for children to return to their families is the establishment of well-defined circumstances within a child’s home that mitigates threats to child safety.

ü  The basis for Conditions for Return is the In-Home Safety Analysis and Planning section of the Family Functioning Assessment and Progress Update and the five questions located there.

ü  Conditions for Return are the explanations of how a “No” to Safety Analysis questions can be changed to a “Yes”.

ü  Once all five questions are answered with a “Yes” the reunification process must begin and the child must be returned to the home with an In-Home Safety Plan.

The 5 In-Home Safety Analysis Questions

1.    Are the parents willing and cooperative?

2.    Is the home environment calm and consistent enough?

3.    Are sufficient safety services available?

4.    Can danger be managed without professional evaluations? (i.e.- psychological)

5.    Do parents have a residence/stable home?

ü  For each In-home Safety Analysis Question to which you answer “No” there must be a Condition For Return. Each Condition For Return should have two parts.

o   The first part (A) should begin with:

“An in home safety plan is not possible because…” Explain why

o   The second part (B) should begin with:

“In order for an in home safety plan to be considered…”Explain what would make it safe for the child in the home specifically

ü  After all of the Conditions For Return, the following statement should conclude this section: 

“An in-home safety plan will become an option after the determination is made that the child’s safety, well-being, physical, mental and emotional health are not endangered by being placed in the home.”

The conditions for return must be addressed and discussed at all staffings and hearings