Requesting a Social Security Card for a Child in Licensed Foster Care

Prior to requesting an actual social security card, see if you can obtain the original from the parent or prior caregiver. There is a limit of 10 cards a person may get (replacements) in their lifetime, and no more than 3 a year. Requesting duplicates may use up all these replacements prior to the child turning 18.

Only a ‘Proper Applicant’ is able to apply for the child’s social security card.  Proper Applicants ranked in highest to lowest priority are:

Ø  Court Appointed Legal Guardian

Ø  Parent (natural, adoptive or step) with custody of the child

Ø  Administrator of the child’s estate

Ø  Sibling, Grandparent, Aunt or other relative with custody of the child

Ø  A State Agency (DCF) that has custody of the child.

Ø  CBC (An individual who applies on behalf of the child and can establish relationship / responsibility but has no legal custody).

A policy change with the Social Security Administration prevents community partners from requesting social security cards for children under their supervision and requires a representative from DCF to request the card.  Shaneka Stringer is our CBC’s liaison at DCF who can apply for a Social Security Number or Social Security Card for children in licensed foster care or children in adoption agencies.

The CBC staff must provide the following information.  All original documents must be submitted to DCF with your request to the department.  The Social Security Administration will not accept copies. The original documents which need to be included in each packet are:

1.)   A completed SS-5 form (available on the Social Security website Line 16 must be filled out with the CBC’s information and Line 17 must contain an original signature by DCF liaison. Copies or missing information will not be accepted by Social Security.

2.)   A Medical / Shot record that contains the child’s name and date of birth. The record must contain an original wet signature of the doctor or nurse. Any copy of a signature will not be accepted by Social Security.

3.)   The youth's original Birth Certificate

4.)   A Certified Copy of the signed Court Order showing that the state has custody of the child. The certified stamp and signatures must be originals.  A copy will not be accepted by Social Security.  AND

5.)   The reason for the card request (duplicate, new)

Documents must be sent CERTIFIED MAIL. Please be sure to include your name and return mailing address. The original documents and Social Security Card will be mailed back to you. Once Social Security accepts the packet, it could take between 3-4 weeks. Be sure to send a copy to ASK before giving the original to the child/custodian.

Mail completed packets to:

Department of Children and Families

Office of Economic Self Sufficiency

Attn: Shaneka Stringer

9393 North Florida Ave

Suite 100, Room 102

Tampa, FL 33612

For all others, the Caregiver or RTI youth needs to visit the Social Security Administration Office.

All children in out-of-home care are required to have their original social security card prior to turning 18.