Supervisor FSFN Consult

 Supervisory case consultation is significantly different from “Supervisory Reviews” that many agencies conduct. Generally, a “supervisory review” is a review of case record documentation and tends to focus on aspects of compliance with rules and operating procedures.

 It is crucial that a supervisor is highly knowledgeable regarding the status of cases in his or her unit. Being informed about cases as they proceed through the Case Management process enables supervisors to assist Case Managers in enhancing their practice and making correct decisions. Dictating to Case Managers what they must do on cases is not consultation. Supervisor consultation is interactive. It involves facilitating discussions, posing questions, and seeking clarifications as the means for overseeing practice and providing guidance. Providing direction to Case Managers during consultation is primarily intended to serve as a teaching moment to help Case Managers become more competent and independent.

Creating a Supervisor Consult on an FFA Ongoing OR Progress Update:

  1. Open the FFA-Ongoing or Progress Update you are consulting on.

  2. On the right hand side of the FSFN page, click on the blue hyperlink that says Supervisory Consult.

  3. The Supervisory Consult Screen will appear:


Supervisor name, unit, worker name, case name and FFA-Ongoing or Progress Update number pre-fill automatically.

The type and method of consultation values will are different depending on how the Consult was created.

Source: FSFN Supervisory Consult User Guide-