Supervisor's Role

Strength-based, family-centered practice is proven to positively impact performance measures and outcomes.   Through consults, qualitative discussion, and mentoring, supervisors provide guidance and support to case managers ensuring family-centered services are provided to the clients we serve.  They also serve as an important conduit to management in maintaining practice standards, proactively addressing concerns, fostering critical thinking skills, and looking ahead to help anticipate and overcome barriers.

Supervisors mentor case managers to ensure strength-based, qualitative and timely services are provided.  Regular case consults are a partnership between the supervisor and the case manager to actively help the family create opportunities for improvement and self-sufficiency.  This also provides continual monitoring and evaluation of child welfare case decisions. 

Note: “Open door” supervision is not a substitute for regularly scheduled time with a case manager.  

Supervisor should have regular management supervision to keep them apprised of developments related to service and resource availability, policy and program developments, workload issues, and procedural changes that may impact client service delivery. 

Goals for Supervision

·        Providing a working environment that is supportive and conducive to professional performance.

·        Modeling best practices.

·        Promoting respect for children and families at all times.

·        Consultation.

·        Addressing worker resistance to client personality/behavior.

·        Use resources such as family members, community partners, and foster parents to help in decision-making.

·        Constructive identification of mistakes.

·        Broadening worker understanding of best practice.

·        Addressing caseworker feelings/confusion/ needs.

·        Listening and providing productive feedback.

By focusing on quality service provisions during formal supervision and daily case specific consultation with case managers; supervisors are driving cases in a positive direction for our children and families that will expedite permanency.