Child’s PCP changes with Sunshine Health

The case manager is authorized to change the primary care physician for medical services

How do you change a child’s primary care physician with Sunshine Health Child Welfare Specialty Plan?

  1. Check Integrate ( IMV screen to ensure you’re an authorized caller.

    1. Keeping the IMV screen open can assist you during the process.

    2. Ensure you have the Primary Care Physician’s contact information that you are changing the child to.

  2. Call Sunshine Health Plan at (855) 463-4100 to speak with a representative.

Helpful Hints:

  1. The address to provide Sunshine for SCC children is the Northgate Office (1500 Independence Boulevard, Suite 210, Sarasota, FL 34234).

  1. Obtain the date effective for records.

  2. The Sunshine representative will provide you with a reference number. This reference should be given to the caregiver and/or provided to the physician’s office for treatment.

The following information is needed from the case manager to change the primary care physician

Child’s name:

Child’s date of birth:

Child’s Medicaid number:

Physician’s name:

Practice group name:


Telephone number:

Physician’s NPI number:

Effective date of change:

If you’re having problems, the WATCH Team can assist.

*Note:  The National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identifier number that applies to many types of healthcare providers.  You may have to call the doctor’s office directly to obtain this information.