Family Finders Process

The goal of Family Finders is to help youth in licensed care make familial connections so they can maintain family relations and their family culture.  A by-product of this process can be a relative placement.  An essential part of the process is cooperation between Family Finders and Case Management teams in order to achieve the best possible outcomes. 

Family Finders is primarily utilized when a child is placed in licensed care (Foster Homes, Shelters, Group Homes, etc.).  Family Finders will also complete a one time Level 1 search for children placed with a relative, non relative, or a non offending parent. 

Family Finders documents efforts to locate relatives in FSFN via a case note, as well as, filing search results into ASK.  You can also locate current open Family Finders cases on the “Family Finders Tracking Logs” folder on the P-Drive. This folder also contains archived logs.

Five steps to connect:


1.) Shelter

  • Family Finders Specialist meets with the CPI and the parents to obtain names of relatives or non relatives who can possibly take placement. This is information is shared with the CPI and CM team.

2.) Referral

  • Referrals received two ways:

1.      New Case Transfers

2.      Case Managers

Referrals from Case Managers are normally for children who are coming from a placement with a relative, non relative, or parent that breaks down.

3.) Accurint Searches

  • We complete Level 1, 2, or 3 searches using the Accurint Software Program.

  • We mail letters and make phone calls to all prospective relatives in the search results and once a relative is contacted we refer them to the CM for follow up and also provide the relative’s contact information to the CM.

4.) Children and Relatives

  • We speak to known family members to gather information about other relatives.

  • We speak to children usually starting around age 8 to gather information about their family.

5.) Connecting

  • The CM follows up with all relative contacts provided by the Family Finders specialist and documents in FSFN under “Family Finders Effort”.