Independent Living Services

The Safe Children Coalition (SCC) is committed to preparing foster care youth ages 13 to 23 to live independently. Assistance and support as youth and young adults reach toward self-sufficiency comes in many forms including life skills training classes, individual coaching, in-home instruction, and leadership opportunities. Priority areas for skill building are money management, personal care/hygiene, nutrition, personal safety, housing, employment, and educational/career planning. The SCC is a partner with and support system to Youth and Young Adults, assisting them in completing their successful transition to independence and self-sufficiency.

Eligible Young Adults, ages 18 to their 23rd birthday, can request services and assistance from the SCC through the Road to Independence Program. Young Adults may qualify for Post Secondary Educational Services and Support (PESS), which provides a monthly stipend to assist Young Adults with attending post secondary school, or Aftercare, which provides service referrals, case management, and may include temporary financial assistance.

Young Adults who reach the age of majority in licensed care are able to choose to Extend Foster Care (EFC) until the age of 21 (22 with a disability).

Each Young Adult's needs are different and support is always individualized to help the Young Adult with the challenges of living in our adult world. In seeking support or additional information, Young Adults are encouraged to contact their local Safe Children Coalition office in the county they reside.