Youth Prevention Services

All families experience crisis from time to time. Some issues that challenge parents may be children who skip or miss school, run away from home, refuse to follow directions or make poor life choices. Parents and caregivers experiencing difficulties such as these may qualify for free individual school-based counseling services through our Youth Prevention Services Program (serving ages 10 through 17). These services are short-term and individualized to the needs of the child. Once a child is determined eligible for the YPS Program, a counselor will complete an intake assessment to gather more information and assess the nature of the problem. Upon completion of the assessment, an individualized service plan will be developed to address the identified issues. Skills and strategies will be implemented through counseling to help improve and change the situation. Youth and their families may be referred to other community providers as deemed appropriate.

For additional information or to determine if your child qualifies for counseling services through the Youth Prevention Services Program, please call 941-952-1644.